Jeremy 'JR' Robinson and Tamar Braxton via Instagram

A week after rekindling their romance, Jeremy “JR” Robinson took to the streets of social media to profess his deep love for Tamar Braxton

In a lengthy post written on his Instagram page, JR shared how he had to push past his hurt and his ego because God kept bringing him back to how much he loves Tamar. 

I had to fight hard to push past the hurt, and past my own ego, because God kept bringing me back to how much I love @tamarbraxton – and yet, I still needed to heal to see the beauty of our love. 

JR Robinson seemingly tried to explain away his date night with Tommie Lee writing:

At times, I was angry, I was mad with her and so while I was single – I took advantage of people who were ultimately trying to take advantage of me with a singular goal in mind.

Tamar-Braxton-JR Robinson
Tamar Braxton and JR Robinson via Instagram Story

In closing Tamar Braxton’s Caucasian King vowed he is committed to loving her forever.

I’m grateful that God saw fit to protect what was truly made for me and that we were able to find our way back to love.

I am incredibly touched by how much she fought for me!

I’m committed to loving this woman forever and I appreciate all the love and support that have come from our family, friends, and supporters!

See JR’s original post below. 

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I wish Jeremy “JR” Robinson and Tamar Braxton the best.

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