Jennifer Hudson’s Best Friend Receives The Serenade Of A Lifetime From Patti LaBelle

Jennifer Hudson’s best friend, Walter Williams III, recently received the duet serenade of a lifetime from J Hud and Patti LaBelle on “The Jennifer Hudson Show.”

Jennifer described Walter as her shy Fa Dunt Da Dunt and Patti’s “ultimate biggest fan that could ever be.”

Patti knows Walter and she sends him birthday videos every year.

Jennifer had an idea to surprise Walter with an impromptu duet performance, with Patti LaBelle, of “You Are My Friend.” 

When she shared her idea with Patti, she agreed with no hesitation.

As soon as Patti started singing, magic happened.

They invited Walter on stage, and then Jennifer started singing, and magic happened again.

As two of the most iconic voices of our generation serenaded Walter, he was loving every second of it.

Mama Patti continued singing like she had something to prove, and the notes she was hitting were mind-blowing and effortless.

Patti LaBelle and Jennifer Hudson blessed Walter Williams with one of the best impromptu duets of all time.

Watch the performance from “The Jennifer Hudson Show” below:

After the duet, Mama Patti and Jennifer had a very entertaining conversation full of love and admiration for each other.

Patti told Jennifer how much she adores her and how she considers her to be one of her daughters.

Jennifer reciprocated by saying she feels like she’s living her dream by having the relationship she has with Patti.

Patti also shared some embarrassing moments in her career, and she talked about some people she wanted to slap.

Scoop the rest of the Patti LaBelle interview on “The Jennifer Hudson Show” below:

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