Jemele Hill Launches ‘Unbothered’ Podcast Network With Spotify

Jemele Hill is launching her very own podcast network in an exclusive deal with Spotify that will focus on elevating the voices and stories of Black women.

The news comes on the heels of the season three renewal of her own hit podcast, “Jemele Hill Is Unbothered.”

Keeping that same energy, The Unbothered Network will release original content and amplify Black voices. 

In a statement, Jemele said:

The Unbothered Network is more than just a content hub, it’s a space where Black women can hopefully see their full selves.

There’s so much about the lives of Black women that haven’t been fully explored, and so many of our stories have either been dismissed or overlooked.

I’m also proud of this network because it not only centers Black women, but it’s also run by Black women. We can’t empower Black women if we’re not positioning them in leadership roles.

Congrats to Jemele on her new network! 

Check out her podcast below. 

Source: THR

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