Jay-Z donated New Orleans artist Jerin Beasley’s “Tree of Life” oil on canvas painting to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, and Jerin is ecstatic.

The painting was inspired by restauranteur Larry Morrow’s Treehouse cocktail bar in New Orleans.

Jerin said he and Larry were trying to come up with an iconic figure to feature in a tree-themed painting, and they landed on Jay-Z.

The painting hung in Morrow’s Treehouse lounge for a few days before it started blowing up on social media. 

Less than a week later, Jay-Z reached out to acquire the painting to donate to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame as an inductee.

Jerin described the honor of Jay-Z choosing his painting as “priceless.”

So by him… picking this… this is priceless! 

It’s priceless to me, like it’s no cost.

I really hope Jerin is not implying that he gave his painting that he put 80 hours worth of work into to a billionaire for no cost.

Larry had a bit of separation anxiety from losing the eye-catching artwork from his lounge, but he is excited about Jerin paving the way for other artist.

Jerin will definitely be able to pave the way for so many artist back home because this is huge!

Jay-Z has acquired one of his pieces so that does a lot.

Jerin Beasley didn’t get the opportunity to met Jay-Z yet, but he is looking forward to the moment he does.

Watch the video below:

Well, it appears Jay-Z did purchase the painting from Larry Morrow, the restaurant owner.

Congratulations to Jay-Z and LL Cool J on their inductions into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, and congratulations to Jerin Beasley for his amazing art being exposed to the world on an incredible platform.

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