The LAPD have released video footage to back up their claims that New Orleans Pelicans center Jaxson Hayes started and escalated the altercation on July 28.

Approximately three weeks ago, body cam footage was released showing Jaxson being tased and restrained by two officers.

According to the cops, when they arrived on the scene, Hayes attempted to enter the home disobeying their commands, and he shoved an officer and injured him.

But, there was no evidence of the cops claims until now.

Watch the extended arrest video below:

The 911 call, that sent the cops to the residence, has also been released.

We have learned that Jaxson’s girlfriend texted her cousin to call the cops because Jaxson was “getting loud and violent,” and she was “scared and can’t call the police herself.”

Listen to the 911 audio below:

Jaxson was arrested and charged with resisting arrest the night of the incident.

The LAPD launched an internal use of force investigation after Jaxson alleged he couldn’t breathe during the arrest.

The use of force investigation is still active.

A police union that represents LAPD officers have called on the NBA and the New Orleans Pelicans to suspend Jaxson Hayes for shoving the officer and repeatedly using the n-word during the arrest.

The NBA has opted not to suspend Jaxson.

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Source: TMZ

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