Jason Lary, the former mayor of Stonecrest, Georgia, who is facing 35 years in jail for stealing over $650,000 in COVID relief funds, is asking a judge to place him on house arrest.

Lary is scheduled to be sentenced on federal fraud charges next Wednesday (July 13) after pleading guilty to wire fraud and federal program theft.

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Lary’s attorneys are using his health and lack of criminal record to try to justify a lighter sentence.

Earlier in the year, when Jason Lary felt the heat closing in on him, he resigned as the mayor of Stonecrest a day before he was due back in federal court.

He cited his health issues as the reason for his resignation.

Reportedly, he is battling cancer for the third time.

In his Zoom farewell speech to the city of Stonecrest, he made no mention of his legal troubles, but hackers repeatedly commented he should be put in jail.

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