Georgia Teen Damia Mitchell Sentenced To 140 Years On Manslaughter & Gang Charges, Her Family Demands A New Trial

Georgia teen Damia Mitchell was sentenced to 140 years for manslaughter, aggravated assault, and street gang activity last Wednesday (June 15) in connection with the murder of Faith Burns on Valentine’s Day 2021. 

The Mitchell family claims that the charges are bogus and their 18-year-old daughter is not in a gang.

They led a protest in front of the Gwinnett County Courthouse today (June 21), demanding a new trial with a new judge and a different look at the evidence in the case.

Damia’s mother made the following statement at the protest:

You chose the wrong person to make an example out of.

When she doesn’t have no prior history of anything.

She has not been in and out of your court system.

So we’re just confused on how she get 140 years.

And she’s not in a gang!

According to Faith Burns’ father, Faith was at her girlfriend’s home in Dacula, Georgia on Valentine’s Day 2021. 

When the girlfriend’s ex-girlfriend showed up with a bunch of friends who open fire that day. 

Faith died on Valentine’s Day 2021 at the hospital. She was only 20 years old.

Five women were charged, and Damia Mitchell chose to go to trial for felony murder.

Damia was sentenced to 140 years last Wednesday. 

The four other teenage girls accepted plea deals with the District Attorney, and each was convicted of aggravated assault and sentenced to 10 years in prison with anywhere from 2 to 4 years to serve.

The Mitchell family feels Damia’s sentence should be more aligned with the four other teenage girls.

Faith’s father says it’s really hard to empathize with the Mitchells’ demands given his family’s loss.

Me and my family, we dealing with a life sentence without our daughter, so… 

I mean you still have the opportunity to speak and see each other.

I don’t have that opportunity to speak and see my daughter.

Watch the news reports below:

Watch the news report below from February 2021 when Damia Mitchell turned herself in:

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