Jamie Foxx Honors His Grandmother On Her Heavenly Birthday
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Jamie Foxx is accused of sexually assaulting a woman in 2015 in a new civil lawsuit. 

According to the lawsuit, the alleged assault occurred in August 2015 at Catch NYC & Roof in New York City.

When the alleged victim arrived at the establishment she was seated in the rooftop lounge and bar one table away from the Oscar-winning actor

Around 1 a.m., the plaintiff’s friend asked Jamie Foxx if he would take a picture with them. 

The lawsuit claims he appeared to be intoxicated, but responded, “Sure baby, anything for you.” 

While taking photos, the plaintiff claims, Jamie complimented her saying, “You have a supermodel body,” “You smell good,” and he allegedly told her she looked like Gabrielle Union.

The plaintiff alleges Jamie Foxx pulled her by the arm to the back area of the rooftop where he placed his hands on her waist, moved them up under her top, and fondled her breasts.

The lawsuit claims the plaintiff stepped away from Jamie and noticed a security guard and others who saw what happened. 

But, they walked away instead of intervening.

The complaint alleges Jamie Foxx then stuck his hand in the plaintiff’s pants, began fondling her genitals, and inserted his fingers before her friend came over and saw what was happening. 

It was at that point, that Jamie stopped touching the plaintiff.

The woman, who is listed as Jane Doe, claims she was injured and had to undergo medical treatment.

She also alleges she suffered pain and emotional distress as a result of the “sexual assault, abuse, assault and battery.” 

Jane Doe is suing Jamie Foxx, Catch NYC, and its employees for compensatory and punitive damages.

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