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Marcellus Wiley is being sued by a woman who claims the former NFL star sexually assaulted and raped her while they were attending Columbia University.

The lawsuit was filed in New State Supreme Court on Tuesday, days before the Adult Survivors Act is set to expire. 

The law gives plaintiffs a window to file civil claims of sexual offenses that have otherwise been barred by the statute of limitations.

The alleged victim claims Marcellus Wiley sexually assaulted and raped her on November 18, 1994, when she was a freshman. 

Wiley was a sophomore and running back on the Lions football team. 

According to the lawsuit, the alleged victim met Marcellus in her friend’s dorm room to listen to music.

Defendant Marcellus Wiley told the plaintiff he would come to visit her later that evening in her room.

Plaintiff responded: “Okay, but I don’t have sex. I’m a virgin.”

Defendant Marcellus Wiley laughed and responded, ‘Relax, relax, wow! I don’t mean like that! I’m just going to come by there to get food from Grandma’s [Restaurant], so I’ll just come up to say hi before I head back.’

The defendant then joked that “nobody liked having sex with virgins.”

After the woman “apologized and assured the defendant that she was just being straight up so that he would not feel misled.” 

Wiley allegedly said “ain’t nobody tryna have sex with no virgin! Don’t worry, I got you. Just coming to hang out while I eat. I don’t even have condoms on me.”

According to the lawsuit, once Marcellus Wiley arrived at the woman’s single room on the ninth floor of Shapiro Hall, he “began kissing her forcefully.” 

The lawsuit also alleges that Wiley raped the victim multiple times.

The woman later reported the assault to administrators at the university, who were “dismissive” of her accusations.

The lawsuit also states that administrators discussed the alleged assault with Marcellus Wiley before they spoke with her. 

At one point, Residential Dean Kathleen McDermott allegedly told the victim that she believed Wiley did not rape her because the plaintiff “was not from America and had therefore misinterpreted defendant’s conduct because people from different cultures interpret things differently,” according to the lawsuit. 

The lawsuit also states Columbia University also received reports from other women who claimed they had been sexually assaulted and/or raped by Marcellus Wiley.

The alleged victim said she was so traumatized that she attempted suicide after the assault.

In addition to Marcellus Wiley, the alleged victim is also suing the university and its trustees for displaying “fondness” towards Wiley despite her accusations. 

Since graduating from Columbia, Wiley played 10 seasons in the NFL as a defensive end for the Buffalo Bills, San Diego Chargers, Dallas Cowboys, and Jacksonville Jaguars. 

He later went on to work for ESPN and FS1 as a broadcaster and currently hosts a podcast called More to It.

Marcellus Wiley is married to Annemarie Wiley, a nurse and anesthetist who stars in the current season of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.”

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