Jake Paul Announces Tyron Woodley Rematch With $500K Knockout Bonus

Jake Paul - Tyron Woodley rematch

Chrismas may come early for Tyron Woodley! Jake Paul has announced their rematch is set for December 18

In a video, posted on his official Twitter account, Jake said Tommy Fury, who he referred to as “boxing’s biggest b**ch,” dropped out of the fight for medical reasons.

Tyron gladly accepted the offer to hop on the card in Tommy Fury’s place.

You may recall, Tyron Woodley wanted a rematch so badly that he tattooed, “I Love Jake Paul,” on his middle finger.

To make things interesting, Jake also announced he would give Tyron an extra $500,000 if he’s able to knock him out during the fight.

Watch the announcement video below.

Do you think Tyron can get the job done?

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