Amazon MGM announces 'Road House' sequel starring Jake Gyllenhaal (Courtesy of Prime Video)

A sequel to Road House is in the works, featuring Jake Gyllenhaal returning as Dalton.

Amazon MGM Studios made waves at its Upfronts event in New York with the exciting news.

While plot details remain a mystery, the original film has already captured a massive audience, with nearly 80 million viewers worldwide.

Premiering on Prime Video and attracting over 50 million viewers in its first two weekends, Road House became Amazon MGM Studios’ top-performing debut globally.

The sequel’s cast and crew details, including director Doug Liman’s involvement and Gyllenhaal’s fellow actors, are yet undisclosed.

Road House marks a reboot of the iconic 80s action flick starring Patrick Swayze, focusing on Dalton (Gyllenhaal), an ex-UFC fighter tackling chaos in a Florida Keys bar.

Stay tuned for updates on this highly-anticipated sequel!

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