Livingston Allen aka DJ Akademiks sued for rape, sexual assault, and defamation (via YouTube)

Fauziya “Ziya” Abashe is suing Internet personality DJ Akademiks (real name Livingston Allen) alleging that he raped and sexually assaulted her at his home in New Jersey in July 2022.

The lawsuit also accuses Allen of defaming Abashe by falsely claiming she willingly participated in a sexual encounter with other men.

What Happened, According To The Lawsuit?

Abashe says she met Allen online in 2021 and they dated briefly.

They hadn’t seen each other for almost a year when Allen invited her to his house in July 2022.

Abashe claims she was unaware of any “ill intentions” and went to his house.

Upon arrival, Abashe says she was met by two men she didn’t expect to see.

The lawsuit alleges these two men, identified only as John Doe 1 and John Doe 2, drugged Abashe’s drink and assaulted her on Allen’s pool deck.

Abashe claims the drugs caused her to lose consciousness.

Later that night, Fauziya “Ziya” Abashe alleges DJ Akademiks also raped her.

According to the lawsuit, Abashe woke up in a bedroom with Allen, who then assaulted her again.

Abashe says she begged him to stop but was unable to physically resist.

The Lawsuit Claims Evidence Supports Abashe’s Story

The lawsuit details evidence Abashe says supports her claims. This includes:

  • A rape kit that reportedly found traces of Allen’s sperm.
  • Photographs of bruises on Abashe’s body.
  • A recorded phone call where Allen allegedly admits to having sex with Abashe.
  • Text messages between Abashe and Allen where she expresses confusion about the night’s events.

Abashe Initially Chose Not to Press Charges Against DJ Akademiks

Despite going to the police and providing evidence, Abashe initially decided not to press charges.

The lawsuit claims she chose “silence.”

The Lawsuit Follows Public Accusations

The allegations came to light in late 2023 when both Abashe and Allen addressed the incident on social media.

DJ Akademiks denied assaulting Fauziya “Ziya” Abashe and claimed he was asleep during the alleged attack by the two Johns Does.

Abashe says Allen’s public statements defamed her by implying she consented to sex.

Abashe Now Seeks Justice

After Allen’s public denial, Abashe filed this lawsuit.

Abashe’s lawyer says they attempted to resolve the case privately but were unsuccessful.

Abashe says she is “confident that justice will prevail.”

It’s Important to Note

  • This is a lawsuit, and the allegations haven’t been proven in court.
  • Allen has denied the allegations.
  • Due process is important, and everyone deserves a fair chance to defend themselves.

DJ Akademiks deactivated his Instagram account on Tuesday before the news of the lawsuit went public.

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Source: Rolling Stone

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