Isaiah Thomas went in a hallway and let his emotions flow after scoring 81 points in a Pro-Am basketball game.

The Pro-Am league puts on sporting events where professional and amateur athletes compete with each other.

The Crossover Pro-Am game took place this past Sunday in Seattle, and the crowd gave Isaiah a standing ovation after his amazing performance.

Isaiah posted a highlight video from the game on his IG page, and at the end of the video you see him escape to a hallway and let it all out.

The visual is very touching. He has a towel over his head and you can hear him crying and saying, “They gave up on me!”

Watch the IG video below:

Isaiah took to his Twitter account to explain what was behind those emotions and words he shared in his video.

Isaiah’s best season in the NBA was with the Boston Celtics in 2017, he averaged 28.9 points per game and he finished fifth in MVP voting.

Due to injuries, he’s never been able to regain that production in the NBA.

Although, he appears to be in great shape now.

He has been on multiple teams since playing for the Celtics, and he is currently a free agent.

After his 81 point performance, I’m sure a lot of NBA teams are now showing interest.

We wish Isaiah Thomas the best in his pursuit to get back in the NBA, and do what he loves to do.

Sourc: TMZ