Jamie Foxx recently posted some basketball footage to his Instagram account showcasing his jump shot, and he might be a bucket.

In basketball slang a bucket is someone who has a consistent shot that you can depend on to score, be it from 2 or 3 point range.

The footage shows Jamie and his friend Lethal in the gym putting up shots. 

Lethal is feeding Jamie the ball while Jamie consistently knocks down 3-pointers.

His form is not the greatest and it’s kind of funny how he hops before he takes a shot, but his shot goes in consistently.

Jamie captioned the post with a conversation he had with his shooting partner Lethal:

Me: How my shot look??
ME: facts! But it’s effective
Him: you want to be effective or LETHAL?
Me: I just went 13 outta 15 from NBA 3! How my shot look now?
Him: still ugly… but you LETHAL AF
me: 10 day?
Him: nah but you Gon win hella prizes at the fair!
@lethalshooter u are the ????????!! #lethal#williethreeman

See the original IG post below:

I would’ve never guessed that Jamie Foxx could shoot like that, he might be a bucket.