Rahne Jones host of MTV 'Help! I'm In A Secret Relationship'
Rahne Jones

Get ready for some juicy relationship scoop as we chat with the fabulous Rahne Jones, host of MTV’s “Help! I’m In A Secret Relationship!

During our convo, Rahne gives us the scoop on the latest relationship trend of “stashing” (yep, it’s a thing), shares her experience hosting the show alongside Travis Mills, and reveals 3 red flags to look out for in your relationship that might indicate you’re being “stashed.”

Don’t miss out on this fun and insightful interview! And be sure to catch “Help! I’m In A Secret Relationship!” on Tuesdays at 9 PM ET/PT on MTV.

About Rahne Jones:

Rahne Jones is a multi-talented actress and TV host best known for her role in the groundbreaking Netflix series “The Politician.”

With her charismatic presence and genuine empathy, Rahne brings a fresh and insightful perspective to “Help! I’m In A Secret Relationship!

As someone who champions truth and transparency, she’s the perfect guide to help uncover the secrets that lie beneath the surface of seemingly perfect relationships.

About the Show:

In an exciting new season of “Help! I’m in a Secret Relationship!“, Travis Mills and Rahne Jones are back with wilder, unexpected twists as they investigate and uncover the heartbreaking stories of people who have been emotionally manipulated into keeping their relationships a secret.

These are the cautionary tales of people who believe they have found the love of their lives, only to discover lies at the core of their relationships.

What if your true love is hiding a massive secret… and that secret is you? 😱

This season, couples hail from Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Dallas, Cleveland, Nashville, Seattle, and Charleston.

Help! I’m in a Secret Relationship!” is produced by SHARP Entertainment for MTV.

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