ICC Interviews: Sean Riggs Gives The Scoop On ‘Lazarus’

Ice Cream Convos recently had the opportunity to chat with Sean Riggs about his new independent film, Lazarus.

Lazarus, written and directed by R.L. Scott, centers around a man (Riggs) who is killed, but his death is a brief affair. Upon regaining consciousness, he discovers he has been gifted with extraordinary powers that allow him to super-heroically fight the organization responsible for plunging his city into darkness.

Not only is Sean starring in Lazarus, but he also served as Executive Producer on the feature film.

During our convo, Sean Riggs shared the challenges he faced while getting the film done and why Lazarus was truly a labor of love.

Watch below.

Lazarus is currently streaming on Tubi.

Click here to watch now.

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