Yul Vazquez as Nestor Cabal; Danny Pino as Roman Compte; Michael Chiklis as Agent Zulio (Courtesy of MGM+)

MGM+ is bringing the “snow” this summer! The network released the teaser trailer for “Hotel Cocaine,” the 70s crime thriller premiering June 16. 

Laura Gordon as Janice Nichols; Danny Pino as Roman Compte (Courtesy of MGM+)

About ‘Hotel Cocaine’

“Hotel Cocaine” tells the story of Roman Compte (Danny Pino), a Cuban exile and general manager of the Mutiny Hotel, the glamorous epicenter of the Miami cocaine scene of the late ‘70s and early ‘80s.

The Mutiny Hotel was Casablanca on cocaine; a glitzy nightclub, restaurant, and hotel frequented by Florida businessmen and politicians, international narcos, CIA and FBI agents, models, sports stars, and musicians.

At the center of it all was Compte, who was doing his best to keep it all going and fulfill his own American Dream.

The series is executive-produced by Chris Brancato and Guillermo Navarro.

Mark Feuerstein as Burton Greenberg (Courtesy of MGM+)

The Cast

Joining the ensemble led by Danny Pino, Michael Chiklis, Mark Feuerstein, Yul Vazquez, Tania Watson, Corina Bradley, and Laura Gordon are Don Mike, Pedro Giunti, Lola Claire, Matthew Del Negro, Victor Oliveira, Robert Beck, Sam Robards, and Candy Santana.

Additionally, we have previously announced guest stars Mayra Hermosillo, Juan Pablo Raba, Erniel Baez, Nick Barkla, Cale Ambrozic, Camila Valero, and Maggie Lacey.

Together, they form an exceptional cast ready to captivate audiences with their performances.

Danny Pino as Roman Compte; Yul Vazquez as Nestor Cabal (Courtesy of MGM+)

Premiere Date

June 16, 2024, only on MGM+

Watch The Teaser Trailer

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