Hertz car rental is under fire for allegedly reporting rented vehicles as stolen and having their customers wrongfully arrested and jailed.

Carmen Bosko said she rented a Hertz vehicle in Florida on January 20, 2021, and returned it on April 26, 2021.

But, in August, she was arrested for car theft in Georgia.

Carmen spent 40 days in jail, separated from her three children, including her two-month-old baby.

I had to explain to my kids why I was gone for 40 days.

And I missed time with my youngest that I will never get back.

Steven Robinson, who says he never rented a car from Hertz, was arrested in June for car theft and spent two days in jail.

He is now being prosecuted on felony charges.

This is the worst experience ever in my life, and I can’t believe Hertz… 

And it’s a good slogan that I heard, but Hertz really hurts people.

Their negligent practices is terrible.

According to Hertz, the vast majority of customers are renters who kept the cars beyond their due date and stopped communicating with the company.

Attorney Francis Alexander Malofiy says these are not isolated incidents, but rather a systemic issue that’s happening across the nation.

Hertz claims they rarely report vehicles to the authorities.

South Carolina attorney Fritz Jekel disputes that claim, and he says, “It’s all over the 50 United States. These are not isolated incidents.”

Attorney Jekel filed a claim against Hertz in 2019 and asked if there were any other lawsuits for false arrest and similar claims.

He got back a database with over 300 claims from 2008-2016.

Hertz will not release that database to the public, they have marked it CONFIDENTIAL.

Watch the CBS news report:

Word to the wise, DO NOT rent a car from Hertz.