Hazel-E took to social media on Thursday to address those who think she doesn’t love herself because of her numerous cosmetic surgeries.

You may recall, back in April, the former “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” cast member suffered complications while undergoing a Mommy Makeover procedure in Turkey.

Despite all of that Hazel-E was recently back on the chopping block again.

Now, she’s at home recovering with her little one and hubby.


During her recovery, Hazel wanted to set the record straight regarding her self love.

So, she took to her IG Story writing:

Somebody said I don’t love myself…

No, I do love myself a lot. I just haven’t been able to accept these changes my post baby body did. Surgery of no kind is ever easy. But when you need it. You do it.

If your muscles were not attached to your body and your organs were flapping in the wind, I’m sure you’d consider fixing it.

The liposuction was definitely optional.

But, my tummy tuck was necessary. I could barely walk. Hence why I let b**ches hold my child.

Haven’t been on a red carpet since 2018. Having a child at almost 40 was risky ASF. But, I did it.

And just been trying to put myself back together since.

The staph infection I got was clearly at the hands of others. I would never knowingly put myself in danger for vanity. So cut it with the narrative.

2014 Hazel is not 2021 Arica. And that’s on periodt.

See her original post below.

If Hazel-E is happy with her choices there is no need to explain them to anyone else.

She clearly understands the risks associated with her elective surgeries and she doesn’t mind.

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