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Hazel-E Suffers Complications While Undergoing Mommy Makeover

Hazel-E took to social media in tears from a hospital bed in Istanbul, Turkey after she suffered complications while undergoing a Mommy Makeover procedure.

The former “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” star shared there was an issue with her breast implants that caused them to leak and it was making her very sick.

So, they ultimately had to be removed.

I had some complications.

So, they had to take my boobs. I was supposed to go home to America today. But, my boobs were leaking and it was a lot of fluid leaking the last couple of days. 

And it was making me really sick and I came in for dehydration. I have a good doctor here…they took care of me and today they decided life over death. 

They decided to remove my boobs. 

Watch the video below:


Meanwhile…back in America….

Brandi Boyd, who is also hospitalized with pregnancy complications, took to social media sobbing because she apparently recommended the doctor Hazel-E went to in Turkey.

In a post on her Instagram page, Brandi wrote:

I am deeply hurt and terrified by what happened to a good friend of mine @hazelebaby and her family @devonwallerofficial @avadiorofficial. This is a LESSON to do your homework or have real life experience before recommending doctors or surgical zones to your loved ones (OR ANYBODY). I feel responsible by telling her about this DANGEROUS / UNETHICAL / practice. We will ALL do whatever I can do to help Hazel and other #MommyMakeover victims from @comfortzonesurgery @comfortzoneofficialcomfortzone_drkerim ✨ #ProtectYourCircle #JusticeForHazelE

See Brandi’s original post below:


At the end of the day, any elective surgery assumes a level of risk and you should understand that before laying down on the table.

As far as Brandi Boyd is concerned, for her peace of mind she should keep her recommendations to herself.

Dis tew much!

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