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A Hapeville police officer who was called to remove a young man from a neighborhood ended up gifting him a PS5. 

On Monday, some Hapeville haters called the police on a young Black boy in the area. 

Turns out the young boy was on a mission to save up for a Playstation 5 by doing yard work, including weed-pulling, grass-cutting, and hedge-trimming. 

When Officer Colleran responded to the call, he learned the young man was not a threat or menace in the area…he was just a young entrepreneur on his grind…and a fellow gamer. 

Colleran teamed up with some of his friends and purchased a brand new PS5 for the young boy.

They also threw in a gift card to cover the membership, allowing him to jump right into the gaming action. 

When Officer Colleran presented the budding entrepreneur with his brand new PS5 he was so overjoyed that he grabbed the officer and hugged him. 

Watch the sweet moment below. 

Another resident from that neighborhood took to the Hapeville Police Department’s Facebook page to speak highly of the child.

He is incredibly nice. Helped me in the yard last week.

My rules were no cursing or being disrespectful. He replied, yes ma’am! I’m positive.

I won’t say his name since he’s a minor.

Very kind young man. Thank you Hapeville PD for being so kind ❤️

Someone else commented: 

Who in the world calls on a kid trying to a) earn money b) make yards look better in his community c) staying out of trouble by working and not being mischievous?

Maybe the ones that called need a reality check and see this young man is well on his to running a business that earns him more than all those whiny callers combined.

Good luck young man. Keep grinding

See?! What man meant for evil God meant for good! 

Kudos to Officer Colleran and I hope that young King is enjoying every second of his new PS5. 

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