Halle Berry Reflects On Her 1st Role As A Crack Hoe In ‘Jungle Fever’

Halle Berry took to social media to recognize and commemorate the 30th anniversary of Spike Lee‘s 5th film, Jungle Fever.

The film, starring Wesley Snipes and Annabella Sciorra, was released on June 7, 1991.

Not only did Spike create a classic film with a $14 million budget, he scooped $45 million at the box office, and he also introduced us to Halle Berry in her very first role as crack hoe Viv.

In a post on her Instagram page, the Oscar-winning actress wrote:

Wow, this week marks the 30th anniversary of “Jungle Fever” … Crack hoe Viv was my very first movie role and one of my absolute favorite roles to this day. Thank You @officialspikelee for giving me this opportunity and for believing in me…LOOK AT THE HAIR! ????

See her original post below:

Check out this classic scene from the film with Halle and Samuel L. Jackson.

What a journey Halle has had as an actress! Sam too!

Congrats to Spike on 30 years of Jungle Fever and Halle on 30 years in the game!

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