Halle Bailey and boyfriend DDG baking Christmas cookies via Instagram

Halle Bailey pregnancy speculation has become one of the biggest celebrity Whodunits of 2023 and a new Instagram post has folks believing she gave birth to her alleged baby.

The 23-year-old singer and The Color Purple actress shared a sweet video via her Instagram Story of herself and her boyfriend DDG baking Christmas cookies.

At one point, Halle, who is wearing a loose-fitting Christmas pajama top gets up from the table to retrieve a spatula and offers a glimpse of her seemingly flat midsection, which she has kept covered for most of 2023.

The video has unlocked a new level in the Halle Bailey pregnancy speculation saga.

DDG added fuel to the fire on Christmas Eve when he tweeted, “life is amazing 🥲”

One person reacted to the video by writing, “Oh Halle IDK whether to apologize or congratulate you.😭

Another person wrote, “The way she got up. The stitches are still healing! Good for her. 💕

Read a few Twitter reactions to Halle Bailey’s holiday video below.

I’m always here for a good Whodunit, but at the end of the day whether or not Halle Bailey was pregnant and delivered an alleged Christmas baby is none of our business.

But, when she opted out of doing the press junket for The Color Purple, one of the biggest films of 2023, I had my answer.

I hope Halle and DDG had an amazing and blessed Christmas.

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