When Japanese artist Hajime Sorayama took to the streets of social media to call out Beyoncé for allegedly ripping off his artwork he did not anticipate getting roasted for it. 

Hajime took to Instagram on Monday and claimed Beyoncé did not ask him for permission to use his robot designs for her futuristic looks during her Renaissance World Tour and on the poster of her newly released film.

Yo @beyonce 🤘 You should have asked me ‘officially’ so that I could make much better work for you as like my man @theweeknd ✊,” Hajime Sorayama wrote on a five-photo carousel that included photos of his artwork and Bey’s similar look. 

See his original post below. 

People in the comment section were quick to remind Hajime Sorayama that Beyoncé was wearing a Thierry Mugler costume that was an ode to the 1927 film, Metropolis

A few of the comments read: 

“She’s wearing Thierry Mugler based off an archive Mugler look that referenced metropolis. Were you this incensed when she wore a similar headpiece in 2007 at the BET awards?”

“Metropolis, Mugler, Gaultier, and more have all done this. You don’t own the Android aesthetic.”

“You don’t own the Robot Hyper Feme Genre. Also, the album, artwork, concert, movie came and went. Why are you speaking about it now.”

“You’re the Director of (1927)Metropolis Film?…”

“This post is very embarrassing…”

“I’m a fan of your work, but this is a reach. These visuals have been out since May, when the tour started; however, now you suddenly have a problem with it? 1. It’s just a headpiece. 2. This look, in addition to many of her other looks spanning her career are Mugler/reference Mugler’s work… so, was he copying you as well?”

Some people supported Hajima Sorayama with encouraging comments.

“It’s because they all know you the GOAT 🙌❤️❤️❤️❤️”

“Why are you all acting like he’s accusing her of stealing? Lol. He just said if she wanted it done right, she shoulda came to him like the weekend did.”

“@hajimesorayamaofficial is a legendary artist. Can’t take that away from him. Stop attacking him already, cos his work clearly speaks for itself. Even y’alls queen is inspired by his work. So, be inspired instead of being mad at the facts.”

“Robbing the goat smh 🤦🏾‍♂️”

Based on the photo comparisons…do you think Beyoncé and/or her costume designer borrowed inspo from Hajime Sorayama?

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