Gunplay & DJ Juice 305 Apologize For Their Actions In Club G5ive Miami 

Gunplay and DJ Juice 305 recently apologized on Instagram for their actions in Club G5ive Miami on July 19.

Gunplay was in the club celebrating his 44th birthday, but his festive mood quickly changed after hearing two 50 Cent songs back-to-back played by DJ Juice 305.

After hearing the second song, Gunplay went from 0 to 100 real quick, he picked up what appeared to be a trash bin and threw it at the DJ booth, and asked the DJ, “Why would you play that?… What’s your problem?”

Gunplay was jumping toward the DJ booth and throwing punches, but his punches didn’t connect due to the DJ booth being elevated from the floor he was jumping from.

DJ Juice 305 tried to tell him he meant no harm, but Gunplay was in full rage mode, threatening to shoot the club up and harm everyone in there.

The songs that DJ Juice 305 played were “Many Men” and “I Smell …”, which are believed to be Ja Rule diss songs, but the songs clearly rubbed Gunplay the wrong way given his alliance with Rick Ross.

Both men took to Instagram to apologize for their transgressions that night.

Gunplay captioned his post:

To my fans and wife I apologize and love y’all.
@discorick_kids & G5Miami thank you for all the love and support.

Inside the post, he gave his account of what transpired that night:

July 18, 2023 my wife threw me a birthday party surprising me with my brother Rick Ross & MMG family, a custom red Ruby Rolex made by frankydiamonds and a live performance by upcoming artist zoeybrinxx.

After the birthday party we decided to celebrate my 44th at G5Miami. When we first arrived it was all love. After the bottle girls brought out our bottles and ones. DJ Juice started to shout me out for my birthday and started to play “Many Men” by 50 cent. At this point I just vibed out and let it play. Dj Juice decided to shout my name out once more and play “I Smell A ***** by 50 cent.”

At this point I felt disrespected and tried. How I reacted is clear in the video. I never once intentionally pushed my wife or wanted to cause her harm. The clip that went viral was the end of the altercation. I didn’t know who was touching me and wanted them off.

G5Miami owner Rick Taylor has not only extended an apologize, DJ Juice was fired and not paid for the set. I apologize to the innocent bystanders who were threatened in my moment of rage. I love my wife and my fans.

Gunplay IG post 1.
Gunplay IG post 1A.

Watch his reaction to the two 50 Cent songs inside club G5Miami below:

Watch DJ Juice 305’s apology below:

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Source: TMZ