Sofia Vergara
Sofia Vergara as Griselda Blanco (Photo Credit: Elizabeth Morris/Netflix)

The estate of Griselda Blanco is taking legal action against Sofia Vergara and Netflix to halt the release of the highly anticipated series, “Griselda.” 

The Cocaine Godmother’s adult children are suing the actress and the streamer for the unauthorized use of their family’s image and likeness in the “Griselda” series.


Long story less long, Michael Blanco claims he’s done multiple interviews over the years (2009-2022) with some guys who were interested in developing a show and book out of his and his mother’s life stories.

In 2016, the guys told him they were going to begin shopping the idea about Hollywood. 

The guys ultimately had a meeting with Netflix and Michael was told that that streamer was interested, but they didn’t want to use any of Michael’s interviews or details in the project. 

Fast forward to a week before “Griselda” is slated to premiere on Netflix (January 25), Michael is suing because he says the series does use a lot of his material and anecdotes…but he wasn’t compensated.

The estate alleges Netflix ripped off their family story and weaved it into the plot of their show. 

They also allege the unauthorized use of their images and likenesses violates their rights and they are asking a judge to shut it down.

I’m going to need the Sofia Vergara to get on the phone with dem Blanco babies and fix this because I want to see “Griselda!”

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Source: TMZ

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