Tessica Brown, who has been given the moniker Gorilla Glue Girl, has lawyered up, and she plans to sue Gorilla Glue.

Tessica has been living with her horrible decision to substitute her regular hair glue for Gorilla Glue for over a month.

She recently spent 22 hours in the ER, but the healthcare worker’s idea of putting acetone on her head only made things worse.

Her scalp was burned due to the acetone application, and it made the glue gooey before it hardened back up.

Gorilla Glue’s suggestion of using rubbing alcohol to remove the glue did not work either.

According to sources, Tessica has hired an attorney and she is exploring her legal options against Gorilla Glue.

Gorilla Glue released a statement saying they are very sorry to hear about Tessica’s unfortunate incident but, their product “is not indicated for use in or on hair as it is considered permanent.”

Tessica feels the label is misleading because it states do not use on eyes, skin, or clothing, but it doesn’t mention hair.

Even though the packaging states that the product is for permanent use, Tessica felt that it was okay to use because it also has multi-use on the packaging.

Tessica has shown her appreciation for her supporters via her Instagram account and she has created a GoFundMe for her medical bills.

A GoFundMe has been launched to help Tessica out financially in her unfortunate situation.

So far, she has raised over $11,400 in donations.

Our prayers are with Tessica Brown and we hope she finds some resolution for her situation.

Do you think Tessica has a case against Gorilla Glue?

Source: TMZ


  1. I’m feel sorry for her. Not only is she dumb as hell but to think it’s the company fault that she made a personal decision to go put a product out of the hardware store on her freakin hair is Unbelievably stupid. I won’t be wasting Not one penny on this crap.

  2. Hooked on phonics didn’t work for her because she sure didn’t read the directions. Plus if she knew how to read she would have read the purpose of the glue one is for repairs and the othersay it’s for hair. She came read.

  3. Hi
    I donot feel sorry for this women. Evidently she been talking to someone and it is semantics. No one should EVER be paid for stupidity and not able to comprehend. She had to literally walk to the HARDWARE SECTION to get a hair product??? Gorilla Gluecompany if you pay out one cent. You are as dumb as she is

  4. If this girl is too stupid to realize that this is GLUE then she deserves what she got. And WHERE did she get it??? Does she style her hair in the garage? What a dope. Any judge that rules in her favor should be disbarred.

  5. She does not have a case. Gorilla glue is a hardware product. It is not sold at a beauty shop. If I feel bad for her and hope she’s learned a lesson.

  6. No, she doesn’t have a case. First of all, IDC if people say she mistook gorilla glue for gorilla snot. The logos are NOT the same. There is no way in four hell she got that wrong. That is a permanent adhesive used on OBJECTS not hair. She just needs to go ahead and cut her hair off and wear wigs for the rest of her life because her hair follicles are done for. Praying she doesn’t have any brain damage or skull damage due to chemicals and shrinking of the glue around her scalp.

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