Tessica Brown, known as Gorilla Glue Girl on social media, is headed to Beverly Hills to undergo a three-day procedure to remove the glue from her hair.

Dr. Michael Obeng has offered to conduct a lengthy 2-3 day procedure he is sure will remove the glue from her hair.

Dr. Obeng is a Harvard-trained, board certified plastic surgeon, who does everything from facelifts to Brazilian Butt Lifts. 

The procedure typically costs $12,500, but Dr. Obeng has offered to do it for free because he knows the press he will receive for doing this will be much more valuable to his business.

He’s pictured below with Amina Buddafly.

Tessica’s hair has been glued solid for over a month, but her poor judgement appears to be working in her favor.

She’s become a Tik Tok star, she now has over half a million followers on social media, and she’s racked up over $13,000 in GoFundMe donations.

Her accounts have been Verified and she now has management. (Too bad they weren’t around earlier to advise her not to use the glue).

Talk about turning lemons into lemonade.

Tessica Brown is also considering filing a lawsuit against Gorilla Glue for not failing to note their products are not to be used on hair.

Source: TMZ