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G. Dep is opening up about life after prison and what compelled him to turn himself in for taking another man’s life.

Travell Coleman, a former rapper on Diddy’s Bad Boy label, was released from prison earlier this month (April 4) after Governor Kathy Hochul commuted his life sentence for murder. 

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In 2010, G. Dep walked into a New York police precinct and admitted to committing a 17-year-old cold case murder to clear his conscience. 

An attorney for the rapper at the time said Coleman “had been haunted” by the 1993 fatal shooting of John Henkel during a robbery in East Harlem. 

Henkel was shot three times in the chest outside of an apartment complex. 

Coleman has served 13 years of his 15-year-to-life sentence. 

In a new interview with “Art of Dialogue,” G. Dep opened up about his decision to turn himself in.

After some years, and after some introspect in order to restore balance to my life and the life of someone’s family and things of that nature I wanted to just turn myself in. 

He added, “I needed to get that off of my mind and off of my heart. The spirit moved me to turn myself in.” 

Watch the interview with G. Dep below.

Wishing G. Dep the best as he embarks on his fresh start, while also extending heartfelt condolences to the Henkel family.

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