G. Dep (via Instagram)

G. Dep wants to reunite with Diddy to make new music. 

The former Bad Boy rapper, who was just released from prison after serving 13 years for murder, is trying to reconnect with the embattled music mogul.

G. Dep, born Trevell Coleman, shared with Lisa Evers of Fox 5 New York that he penned over 400 songs during his time behind bars.

He’s eager to collaborate with Diddy to bring those fresh tunes to life.

Dep offered this public plea to Diddy:

I got a lot of songs, bruh. I’m looking for you so we can get some type of musical situation going.

It is what it is, man.

We need to get this thing going, man.

So, holla at ya boy.

Let me know some type of way to contact you so we can go through these joints.

Lisa Evers brought Diddy’s mounting legal battles to Dep’s attention and he advised the music mogul to “hold his head.”

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But, G. Dep’s focus remains on getting back to creating music. 

Watch the clip below.

G. Dep also stated (in another video) that during his time at Bad Boy Records, he’s never seen Diddy commit any crimes or the misconduct he is accused of. 

However, in a recent “Art of Dialogue” interview, Dep revealed that Diddy never visited him once during his 13-year incarceration.

I could be wrong, but my Spidey Senses are telling me that making music with G. Dep is the last thing on Diddy’s mind right now.

And it probably would be best if Dep keeps his distance.


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