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Funky Dineva claims to have the “tea” on Jeezy and Jeannie Mai‘s divorce.

We previously reported the Atlanta rap legend filed for divorce from his TV host wife after two years of marriage.

Jeezy, whose real name is Jay Jenkins, is asking for joint legal and physical custody of their beautiful baby girl, Monaco.

Jeezy and daughter Monaco

He and Jeannie Mai have a prenuptial agreement so their assets should be pretty easy to sort out.

Funky Dineva’s Tea On Jeezy & Jeannie Mai’s Divorce

During the latest episode of Fox Soul’s “TGIF,” Funky Dineva said he reached out to his people in Atlanta to get the real tea on Jeezy and Jeannie’s divorce and it is nothing salacious.

Number one – distance. Not being in the same place often So, that was a factor from what I was told.

The number two thing was she likes a social media relationship – he is a very private person.

An example that was cited was that he would want to have a couple of friends over. Next thing you know, she’s got 50 over and a party planner. He didn’t like all of that.

It was just those types of things.

The mama has been with them since the beginning of the marriage and now the brother lives in the house.

And other things – from what I was told – she likes to walk the daughter to school and he’s not for that saying you know if somebody recognizes you and I’m oftentimes not home people are going to know where we live.

They were all minor, mini, minuscule things that just combined together.

Watch the clip below.

It appears insiders are talking because another “source” told Entertainment Tonight that Jeezy and Jeannie Mai’s marriage came to an end because of “certain family values and expectations.”

“They had different views, and each felt like their needs weren’t being completely met,” the source added.

That appears to be in line with what Funky Dineva was told.

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