No pain…No gain! Funk Flex took to social media after his liposuction surgery to share he is “still swollen” and “in pain.”

IM STILL SWOLLEN! 2 PHOTOS! @drtonyperkins sent over my 1st of many Lymphatic drainage massages! Geminique thanks again! TODAY IM IN PAIN! @elitebodysculpture ? Maria took flick! (I’m about to blow you up Maria)
I will share flicks/video of my journey!

Given the way Funk Flex’s post is worded and the fact that he plans on sharing more flicks and videos he either got the surgery for free or he got a nice amount of money to promote the business.

I’m not madd at you Flex… get it how you live!

Personally, I prefer to lose weight the natural way, but that’s my preference.

It is good that Flex is giving honest updates of his recovery process to help those that may be on the fence about body surgery.

Would you alter or enhance anything on your body if you could get it done for free?

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