French Montana Releases “Too Late” Video Feat. Former Rival Jim Jones – Watch Now!

French Montana and Jim Jones have decided to leave the past in the past and do music together, Jim is featured on French’s song “Too Late” off his most recent album, CB5.

Watch the video below:

It’s great to see two grown men squash a 15-year beef and work together to show the youth that it’s never too late to forgive someone.

French and Jim’s beef was pretty intense to the point where Jim admitted to trying to take French’s life.

The beef started because Jim Jones involved himself in some street drama with French’s crew.

Watch the video below of French Montana speaking on how the beef between him and Jim Jones started:

At the end of the video French said he would never forgive Jim, but apparently time does heal wounds and now they are making music together.

Watch the video below of French and Jim admitting that they have grown past their beef and promoting their song/video together.

Are you scooping or scrapping the “Too Late” video?

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