Dwyane Wade and his son, Zaire Wade, recently played an intense one-on-one match, and D-Wade gave Zaire the grown man treatment.

Every father knows when your son gets to a certain age he’s going to try you, be it athletics or just life situations. As a father, it is our job to let them know who’s the teacher and who is the student.

D-Wade showed Zaire that even though he may be a good high school player, he has to work extremely hard to become a three time NBA champion.

Watch the video below:


Much respect to D-Wade for showing his son that if you want to make it in the NBA you have to play with a certain level of physicality and confidence.

One thing I can say about Zaire is that he held his own and he didn’t give up.

Zaire formerly played with Bronny, LeBron James son, at Sierra Canyon Highschool, but Zaire didn’t get the playing time that he was promised during his senior year.

Zaire chose to reclassify and try his luck at Brewster Academy in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire for the 2021 season.

Brewster Academy has an elite basketball program but in a smaller market than Sierra Canyon.

See the video of the full 1-one-1 game below:

We wish Zaire the best in his NBA aspirations.

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