Frank Vogel has officially been fired from coaching the Los Angeles Lakers.

He admitted at a post-game press conference on Sunday (April 10) that he hadn’t “been told sh*t” about being released on Monday (April 11), after being asked about it by a reporter.

Watch the video below:

That’s pretty classless of the Lakers franchise to not make sure that Vogel was the first to know.

Vogel coached the Lakers for three seasons leading them to a NBA Championship, in the NBA Bubble, in 2020.

But this season the Lakers missed the playoffs losing 16 more games than they won.

They finished the season with a 33-49 record.

General manager and vice president of basketball operations Rob Polinka released the following statement.

I have a tremendous amount of respect for Frank both on an off the court.

Frank is a great coach and a good man. We will forever be grateful to him for his work guiding us to the 2019-20 NBA championship. 

This is an incredibly difficult decision to make, but one we feel is necessary at this point.

Reportedly, the Lakers are pursuing Raptors coach Nick Nurse to replace Frank Vogel.

Nick Nurse has made a name for himself in Toronto by leading the team to the championship in his first year (2018-2019), receiving Coach of the Year honors the following season with a franchise-record 74% winning percentage.

And this season his team finished with a winning record and sit comfortably in the number five playoff spot in the Eastern Conference.

Why would Nick Nurse want to leave the Toronto Raptors to coach the troubled Lakers?

The Lakers franchise has received a lot of backlash for the way they went about firing Vogel after he just won them a championship in 2019.

Source: The Athletic