Former NBA Player JJ Redick Checks His ‘First Take’ Cohost For Telling Draymond Green To ‘Shut Up And Play’

JJ Redick lit into his “First Take” co-host, Chris Russo, for telling Draymond Green to “Shut up and play.”

Chris “Mad Dogg” Russo is a radio personality who guest spots on “First Take” occasionally, but today (May 4) he probably should’ve kept his opinions on the radio.

During a segment about Golden State Warrior Draymond Green shooting birds at the Memphis Grizzlies fans for booing  him after getting elbowed in the eye and bleeding, Chris Russo said he’s tired of Draymond and he needs to “Shut up and play.”

JJ Redick was visibly uncomfortable with the word choice that Russo used, and he let him know about it by putting him in check.

Watch Draymond talk about the elbow to his eye in the video below:

Watch the video below of Chris Russo making his comment, and JJ Redick checking him courtesy of BlacktopBuckets.

The Twitterverse praised JJ for putting Russo in check.

Scoop some tweets below:

Shout out to JJ Redick for shutting down ignorance.

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