Ty Lawson has reportedly been “banned for life” by the Chinese Basketball Association over content he posted on his Instagram page about Asian women. 

His team, the Fujian Sturgeons, released a statement on Saturday confirming they are severing ties with the former NBA guard due to “inappropriate comments” he posted on social media. 

So, about those posts…

Both were on his IG story. The first showed an Asian woman dropping it like it’s hot in his lap and the caption read, “Yolo I guess lol.”

The second post was simply a statement that read:

Chinese woman Got cakes on the low…. might switch up my stance soon lol

See the posts below:

According to their statement, Fujian Sturgeons said Lawson’s inappropriate comments on September 18 were a violation of the team’s “social responsibilities and core values” policy. 

They also added that he would not be signed to a new deal in the future. 

Ty Lawson is currently trending on social media as folks react to the news.

Peep the tweets below:


What are your thoughts on Ty Lawson being banned for his Instagram posts?

Source: ESPN


  1. Welllll…
    Guess it was OK for him to be about it (discreetly), but not brag/broadcast it.
    He forgot the basic rules of THE GAME… Black men have no right to compliment/enjoy a Chinese woman’s assets.

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