Florida Woman's Home Shot Up While She's Preaching On Facebook Live

A Florida was truly covered by the blood of Jesus when bullets ripped through her home while she was preaching on Facebook Live.

The incident took place on Tuesday (May 10) when Lovely D. Walker was streaming on her Facebook page, talking about the Gospel.

About 33 minutes into her live stream a hail of gunshots could be heard in the background. 

Lovely continued to preach until bullets began to rip through her home and she quickly dove for cover. 

Gunshots continue to ring out for several more seconds before ceasing. 

Lovely D. Walker remained off camera until she felt it was safe to stand up. 

In complete shock, she said: 

Oh my God, they just start shooting!

You see? You see the Devil? Do you see the Devil?

You think that’s going to stop me from preaching this Gospel, Devil?

You got me so messed up! He don’t know me.

Unscathed, Lovely said, “Let’s go. Back to Word,” and she finished preaching the Gospel.

Watch video of the harrowing moment below.

The full video is below.

I can’t imagine bullets ripping through my home while I was preaching on Facebook Live or doing anything else for that matter.

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office confirmed three bystanders, who were not involved in the shooting, were struck by bullets as well as multiple homes and cars in the neighborhood.

Thank God none of the injuries were life-threatening. 

Sources: NBC8 & First Coast News

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