Flau’jae, Daughter Of Late Rapper Camoflauge, Returns To The ‘America’s Got Talent' Stage, 4 Years Later

Flau’jae, the daughter of late rapper Camoflauge, returned to the “America’s Got Talent” stage four years later and better than ever.

Flau’jae first appeared on the show in 2018 (Season 13), and she made it to the quarterfinals, but she said back then she wanted to fulfill her father’s legacy, but this time she could tell her story.

When I first came into the show, my goal was just to tell my story.

‘First off, I’m a rapper. My father he was a rapper, and um, he died before I was born.

He got murdered, and my mom was pregnant with me.

So he couldn’t really fulfill his dreams so that’s what I’m here to do.’

My dad name was Camouflage. I never got to touch him, never got to hug him, never got to even talk to him.

When I listen to my fathers music, I feel like that’s a way that we could, like, have that connection.

My first audition I performed an original song.

It’s just a feeling you will never forget. Every time you think back at it you get chills.

After that, I was like, ‘Okay what’s next?…

Like, I could win this thing…’

Oh my God, I was hurt, but it ignited a fire in me.

Like, I could be better than that.

I remember after “AGT” I got the key to my city.

I was signed to Roc Nation EQ. I’m opening for all these big artists, while performing for, like, 50,000 people.

After that I started my career in basketball. I won the Jordan classic MVP. I got ranked, like, top 25 in the nation. 

I came off of “America’s Got Talent” and I did everything I said I was gonna do, but I’m a competitor and that’s why I’m back on “All-Star” because I want the win!

Last time it was, like, all about fulfilling my father’s legacy, like, that’s all that I wanted to do now this time I could tell my story.

Just like four years ago, Flau’jae went on stage and shined like a diamond.

Watch Flau’jae’s performance on “AGT: All-Stars 2023” below:


Watch Flau’jae’s original “AGT” performance when she was 14 in 2018 below:

Reportedly, Flau’jae was eliminated in the preliminary round of “AGT: All-Stars 2023,” but with her amazing basketball career at LSU and her musical talents, she is already a star that’s destined for greatness.

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