Flau’jae Johnson, daughter of the late rapper Camoflauge, is focused on capitalizing financially off of two of her passions, basketball, and music.

Unfortunately, she did not get the opportunity to meet her father, but his presence is felt when she raps.

Flau’jae is a collegiate NCAA basketball player at Louisiana State University (LSU), where she plans to build her brand with the new NIL deal offered to college athletes.

An NIL deal is a Name, Image, & Likeness deal that allows a student-athlete to earn fair compensation for their time and effort. The deal gives the college athlete the ability to earn money off of their likeness through endorsement deals like other professional athletes.

Flau’jae already has a huge following on social media from her rap career, and she has a distribution deal with Roc Nation.

Her earning potential is incredible and she knows it.

In a recent interview with “Good Morning America“, she said she feels blessed to be in the situation she is in.

God just blessed me.

Honestly like, think about it, like what’s the odds that I’m gonna get stuck right in this NIL thing and, you know, be able to capitalize, like I can take care of my family for generations just what I do in these four years right here.

Like, people don’t understand how big of an opportunity that is.

Watch the GMA report below:

We wish Flau’jae Johnson, the Savannah, Georgia native, all the best in her basketball and rap careers.

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