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LSU has reportedly banned Odell Beckham Jr. for two years for handing LSU players cash after they won the 2020 College Football Playoff National Championship.

Ross Dellenger and Pat Forde of Sports Illustrated reported the two-year ban from the school’s facilities was a part of LSU’s self-imposed sanctions related to booster payments.

On January 15, the LSU athletic department confirmed that Beckham was handing out real money.

Beckham’s actions were a violation of NCAA rules.

NCAA bylaws state that boosters are not permitted to hand out cash or provide financial assistance to student-athletes, their friends, relatives, or guardians.

Beckham played football at LSU from 2011 to 2013. He made the All-SEC first team his junior year in 2013, he amassed 1,152 receiving yards and eight touchdowns on 59 receptions that year.

I’m sure Odell Beckham Jr. got caught up in the jubilation of his alma mater (LSU) winning a championship and he did what came naturally to him, made it rain!

One would think with Beckham being a former LSU football player that he would be familiar with NCAA rules concerning boosters giving cash to players, but perhaps he wasn’t thinking at that moment.

Do you think Beckham’s two year ban is warranted?

Source: Bleacher Report

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