Love Is Blind Season 2 Reunion - Shayne - Natalie - Shaina

Netflix has released a first look at the “Love Is Blind” Season 2 reunion show and Shayne is hurt, Bro!

After a highly-anticipated season finale, Nick and Vanessa Lachey bring the cast of “Love is Blind” back together for the first time to spill the tea and come clean on the season’s juiciest moments.

Nick, Danielle, Jarrette, Iyanna, Shake, Deepti, Shayne, Natalie, Kyle, Shaina, Sal, and Mallory as they share with Nick and Vanessa Lachey what they’ve learned from their experiences and what it was like to see it play out on screen.

All of your burning questions will be answered in this can’t-miss episode.

Which couples are still together? What was it REALLY like to watch this unfold all over again? Do they have any regrets?

Answers to those questions and more unexpected twists and revelations from the whole experiment explained from the couples who lived it!

Watch the first look below as Shayne and Natalie have an emotional conversation about the huge fight they had the night before their wedding day and who’s to blame for ending their relationship.

It’s Shaina’s watchful and judgmental eyes for me!

The Season 2 reunion drops on Friday, March 4.

Will you be watching?

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