Several Atlanta high school students were rushed to the hospital on Monday morning (February 28) after they allegedly ingested “laced edibles.”

The incident took place at Carver High School in Atlanta, Georgia.

One family says their teen has been in and out of consciousness for more than 24 hours since the incident occurred.

Chantelle Alphabet, the aunt of one of the female students who ingested the alleged “laced edibles” said the scene was chaotic when she arrived at the school.

It was just like, chaos.

Like it was parents screaming, kids screaming, kids crying, you know, kids asking what happened.

Reportedly, four students were taken to the hospital after ingesting a “foreign substance from a classmate.”

Chantelle’s niece was one of those four students.

Once my niece got to the hospital, they were saying that her heart rate was dropping and it wasn’t stable.

She’s been laying around. She still hasn’t been herself much.

It is unclear if the students knew what they were ingesting.

Reportedly, all the students involved were freshmen, and they told relatives that what they ate was some kind of laced edible.

Atlanta Public Schools (APS) confirmed in a statement that all students involved will be subject to disciplinary action.

All students involved face disciplinary action in accordance with the Atlanta Public Schools/Atlanta Board of Education code of student conduct.

Watch the news report below:

ICC parents, please tell your kids not to accept any suspicious foods or substances from their classmates.