FBI Twitter Informs Angelica Ross Her Man Is Engaged & Has A Child

Angelica Ross thought she had found the “one,” but FBI Twitter quickly let her know, “He ain’t it, sis!

The “Pose” star posted a photo of her new boo and gushed about how they will make it in spite of the Coronavirus quarantine that is keeping them apart.

Finally found him and have to distance myself from him ? an early test we’re committed to passing. I miss you B❣️?

Cloud 9 didn’t last long for the actress because less than 24 hours after her tweet, the internet sleuths informed Angelica her boo is engaged and has a child.

She returned to Twitter writing, “The internet is AMAZING. I’ve been talking to the mother of his son and fiancé all morning. #PlotTwist!”

Peep the tweets below.

Angelica Ross offered more insight with this retweet:

She later tweeted:

I’m sorry Ms. Angelica Ross had to find out the truth about her boo like this, but I’d rather her find out now than later!

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