On Halloween, Calvin Ridley, the star wide receiver for the Atlanta Falcons, announced he is stepping away from football to focus on his mental wellbeing.

See the original tweet below.

This is Ridley’s fourth year with the Falcons, and he elevated from the #2 receiver to the #1 receiver this year after Julio Jones was traded to the Tennessee Titans.

Lately, Calvin Ridley has not been the same player on the field that fans have come to love, and his tweet confirmed a lot of the rumors that have been swirling around.

There were many negative tweets about Ridley’s decision, but they were not worth the Twitter fingers spewing that nonsense.

We chose to share the tweets of those who have compassion for a human struggling mentally.

Scoop the tweets below:

We support Calvin Ridley’s decision to step away from his job and focus on his mental health because nobody knows your struggles like you do.

Your thoughts?