Kelly Rowland set the streets of South African Twitter on fire when she posted photos of herself in a gorgeous yellow swimsuit.

One would naturally assume it’s because she’s gorgeous, but there’s a little more to the story.

Apparently, there is a South African media personality named Anele Mdoda, who made headlines in October 2019 when she went out of her way to point out that Kelly Rowland isn’t as attractive as people believe she is.

Anele went as far as to share photos of Kelly with and without makeup to support her argument.

Despite being dragged for her pointless pettiness, Anele Mdoda stands firm in her stance because she said what she said.

As a result, every time Kelly posts a photo looking absolutely gorgeous, she trends as South Africans are reminded to re-drag Anele.

But, this time is a little different.

Days after Anele posted photos from her recent getaway to the Maldives, Kelly Rowland posted photos of herself rocking the same swimsuit with the caption, “I’m so feeling me right now…

South African Twitter is getting its life right now as some relish in Kelly’s “possible pettiness” and others debate whether or not Kelly even cares about this chick.

Peep a few tweets below.

South African Twitter goes hard! LOL

Your thoughts?

Source: Times Live

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