Evelyn Lozada took to Instagram on Monday to speak out about her ex-fiancé, Carl Crawford, following his arrest for domestic violence.

In case you missed it, Carl was arrested for allegedly assaulting and choking his ex-girlfriend at gunpoint.

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Evelyn felt it was very important for her to set the record straight after some media outlets assumed she and Carl may have split due to him potentially being violent with her.

The “Basketball Wives” star said it is absolutely untrue. She has never experienced any form of violence or aggression from Carl Crawford during their relationship.

Towards the end of her video posted on her Instagram page, Evelyn became emotional as she encouraged women who are in abusive relationships to reach out to the EvelynLozadaFoundation.org.

The caption on the video read:

My truth ♥️

With all that’s going on in the world right now, I hate that I have to even address this… I will always be empathetic to ANYONE who has experienced any form of domestic violence and in NO WAY would I ever undermine anyone else’s alleged experience. That is their story to tell.

However, after numerous calls, tweets, DM’s and bloggers claiming that I’ve said that my ex-fiancé, Carl Crawford, intimidated or physically hurt me, I felt I had to speak regarding my relationship with Carl.

The Carl I’m hearing about lately is not the Carl I personally know. During our 4 Year engagement & while co-parenting our son, Carl has never been violent or threatening. We have a positive relationship.

Again, I take the time to speak on this for my son, who I never want to grow up and feel as if his father hurt his mother in any way.

I also do this because I won’t allow bloggers looking for clicks to manipulate MY story and take away from those women who need their true stories heard.  There is NO story here and I have no additional comments.

If anyone is struggling with an abusive relationship and is looking for resources or help, please reach out to info@evelynlozadafoundation.org

Watch the video below:

Naturally, when you find out someone may have dangerous behaviors you immediately think of their current or past relationships.

It’s unfair to assume Evelyn was abused during her time with Carl… the idea isn’t far-fetched.

I’m happy to know she wasn’t abused during her relationship with him.

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