Yes, you read the title correctly! Eve is set to star in ABC’s forthcoming music drama, “Queens.”

According to Variety, the pilot is about four estranged and out-of-touch 40-somethings who reunite to recapture the glory days they once had as the 90s Hip Hop group, the Nasty B*tches.

Eve will star in the role of Brianna. Twenty years ago, Brianna was Professor Sex — one-fourth of the Nasty Bitches — rapping about money, sex, and her all-around glamorous lifestyle. Today, Brianna is a proud wife and mother of five in a stained sweatsuit who barely has a second to breathe. Not glamorous, but Brianna loves her life. The Nasty Bitches are a distant, distant memory. But when an opportunity arises for the group to reunite, Brianna will grapple with whether or not she still has the swagger and confidence that made her an icon decades ago.

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In addition to starring in the series, Eve will also render original music for the show as her character, Brianna.

Queens” is written and executive produced by Zahir McGhee with Sabrina Wind also serving as an executive producer. ABC Signature will produce.

In the year of our Lord 2021…during Black History Month…a show is announced where Black women are in a group called the Nasty B*tches?

I’m going back to bed.

Source: Variety