Grammy Award-winning rapper and actress Eve is set to release her memoir, “Who’s That Girl?,” co-authored with Kathy Iandoli.


About The Memoir 

In 1999, Eve Jihan Cooper made history with her solo debut album, “Let There Be Eve…Ruff Ryders’ First Lady,” soaring to number one on the Billboard 200. 

This achievement solidified her as the third female rapper to ever top the charts. 

Another milestone followed as she became the inaugural recipient of the Grammy Award for Best Rap/Sung Collaboration for her platinum single “Let Me Blow Ya Mind” with Gwen Stefani

With three subsequent chart-topping albums and groundbreaking moments in TV, film, and fashion, Eve reflects on her remarkable career.

Hailing from West Philadelphia, Eve understands the grit required to succeed. 

Navigating the streets of Philly and beyond demanded resilience, a quality she seamlessly incorporates into her artistry. 

Her lyrics reflect this unyielding determination, rooted in her journey from the Mill Creek Projects to Hollywood. 

In her memoir, Eve candidly discusses her entrance as “Eve of Destruction” into a male-dominated hip-hop industry, unveils the untold story behind “Scorpion,” and delves into the internal struggles following “Lip Lock.”

This memoir is a fearless exploration of Eve’s ascent to stardom as a female MC, her enduring impact on pop culture and music, and her ongoing battle to balance her personal and professional life. 

Through her inspiring narrative, Eve invites readers into her world, offering insight into the highs and lows of her remarkable journey.

Release Date 

Eve’s “Who’s That Girl?” memoir arrives on September 17, 2024. 

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