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The fallout continues for Erica Mena as the ALLBLK network has announced she has been fired from the cast of “Hush.”

In “Hush,” Erica plays Gina Rodriguez, a calculating aspiring Reality TV star married to a professional baseball player who yearns for the spotlight.

Erica Mena fired from ALLBLK series Hush

According to a statement from the network, Erica will appear in the forthcoming season of the series because production was completed months ago. 

But, ALLBLK noted should the show be renewed for additional seasons, Erica Mena not be a part of the cast. 

Read the full statement from ALLBLK below. 

We do not condone Erica Mena’s recent reprehensible comment. She will be featured in the upcoming season of ‘Hush,’ set to premiere later this year, as production was completed months ago, but in the event of additional seasons she will not be a part of the cast. 

See the original post below. 

To be completely honest, this post feels performative and it looks like ALLBLK is using Erica’s mess as an opportunity to promote the forthcoming season of their show.

ALLBLK’s statement comes less than a week after Erica Mena was fired from “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta because she called Spice a “blue monkey” during a nasty verbal altercation. 

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